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For schools and students

With Version of me you can learn and you can teach. 

Learn about historical characters, getting personal with them in our chat.

Teach and learn not only history, politics, arts, science or math, but also about technology and AI, by creating your own characters.

Chatting is free, and creating can be free for most schools as well. 

Anywhere you are in the world, jump onto the wave of AI for education

School Teacher

How to get involved

Chatting is easy, just jump onto our Chat section, search for a historical character, click on it and start a conversation.

You can launch several conversations simultaneously, from anywhere in the world, in multiple languages, and it is free!

Just please take the conversation lightly. AI is still evolving and its sources are limited, so responses may be lacking humanity or plainly inaccurate, but we are working on it, and expect to have our characters be more human like in the coming years.

Students, and specially teachers, please see our terms and conditions and our blog for detail on what to expect.

What about teaching and creating?

Version of me gives teachers or teams at schools the opportunity to develop characters, as long as they are based on historical personalities, have an educational value and stick to Version of me´s terms and conditions

Creating an AI character is easy and can serve as a great school project for teachers and students, allowing them to learn not only about the historical character selected, but also about how AI works.

Instructions on how to develop a character can be found here.

Most schools can develop and publish characters for free, for a period of time. Please see our terms and conditions for detail.

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