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How to collaborate

Signing a Contract

By signing up for our services and ordering your profile, you contribute to funding Version of Me´s operations, which includes creating additional educational content in the form of more historical characters

Stacks of Coins


You can directly fund Version of Me by getting in touch with our leadership team. 

Soon coming: Crowdfunding for our first round of funding

Working with Laptop


You can develop profiles for characters and get rewards, in the form of discounts to create your own profile. Please see our guidelines below and contribute. And what is best, you do not need to know how to code

What to develop

You will not be coding, but rather compiling information on historical characters, writing it down in a simple file format, and sharing with Version of me´s team

Old Book

Create a profile file

Profile files contain basic information about characters, like name, dates and places of their lives, achievements, careers, opinions, and even documents written by the character, so Version of me´s AI can try to adopt the same writing style. Please try to make files no bigger than 10MB. You can download a sample file here.



Version of me validates every profile to make sure content is interesting, proper and aligns to the Terms and Conditions. We will also guide you if we believe the effort has merit but needs improvement

Reviewing the Law

How to develop

You just need to write down a profile file, which is a simple text file. You can write it down in a .txt file, word or any other digital document that allows Version of me to extract the information and make it available for our AI tool

Writing by the Water


Once you are satisfied with your content, you just need to subscribe, which is totally free, so we can contact you, and then submit your character via email

Vintage Postbox

Publication and rewards

Once review is completed and passed satisfactorily, the character will be published and the author shall receive an award in the form of a discount code for publication of your own character, up to 100% discount for a year. Also the new character and author will be highlighted on the main page and the founder´s blog

Ready to Get Published
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