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AI for education

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

One key use case for version of me is education. The idea is that getting students to chat with the protagonists of history allows for much more personalized and impactful learning. Simply put, students will remember their conversation with Cleopatra and Julius Caesar much better than what they read in their history book, and possibly will become curious about exploring more aspects of the character, and more related characters.

Version of me´s recommendation is that in order to get better results and organized learning, teachers or parents guide the conversation between the student and the platform. One option is direct monitoring, which could work with younger children learning to read and write. But with older students, a more open and less intrusive approach should work better, like proposing lists of questions, or even better, lists of facts to find out, with progressively more open lists of questions or facts as the students grow older, challenging them to find more complex answers and even develop strategies for their conversation.

Now, please bear in mind that the current version of AI is limited in its complexity, and may get lost in a complex conversation, or take longer times to respond.

Another strategy for learning is by creating profiles of historical characters. This could be a project for more advanced student teams in middle school, or for students in high school or higher.

Creation of profiles allows students to learn about the character they are creating, but also about the way generative AI works, reading reference information, the profile, and then weaving it into its cognitive and conversational model.

This project requires proper research, dedication and quality writing of the profile, as profiles go through review in order to be published.

Version of me´s recommendation is that the creators follow one of the available sample profiles as a guideline. Also minor students must always follow the guidance of a teacher or parent, who acts as representative of the team.

Please refer to our Create and Terms and Conditions sections in order to start a profile creation project with your school.

Also please be aware that creation of profiles has limitations and may have a cost for your organization. Please refere to our Terms and Conditions and Plans and Pricing sections for further detail.

Thank you, and good teaching

Ignacio García-Carrillo, founder

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