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So how do you get your version of you?

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Creating an avatar that represents you is pretty straightforward, and it is free, but you need to go through a process and review certain recommendations.

First, you need to subscribe. This only means that you will share your email with us, so we can communicate.

Second, you need to complete a first version of your profile in our Create section. We recommend that you review our guidelines and terms and conditions.

Now, the key to having a good avatar is providing the right information about you. A good option is to start by looking into some of the templates we provide. Any additional written content you may have created, like interviews, essays, or even books, will help the avatar be more like you.

After submitting your profile, it will go through a review with Version of me. We will reach out to you, possibly discuss adjustments on the content if needed, and then we will give the OK for publication. Please be aware that it may take some time for us to reach out, depending on demand and other factor. Version of me makes no commitments on speed of response, but we will try to be back asap.

After getting the approval for publication, you will need to sign up for one of our plans, but don´t worry, you will get a month for free, and then you will only start paying if you expressly indicate you are interested.

This is all you need. Simple, direct.

Ignacio García-Carrillo, founder

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