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Use cases

I would like to dedicate some words to clarify what Version of me´s mission statement means in terms of use cases.

The statement reads: "Optimizing and scaling the presence of its customers on the internet, by establishing a high-quality profile that can represent our customer’s best interests before the world."

Now, who are those customers, and how can Version of me help represent their best interests, exactly?

My first entry was about Version of me for education, so first customers in mind are students, but there are many more who can benefit from creating an artificially intelligent avatar of themselves. For example, teachers can share some of their lessons through their avatar, either to achieve wider reach for their teachings, or to improve student engagement by using a chat format.

Generally, public personalities can use an avatar to extend their presence:

  • Politicians can present themselves and their program to voters, 24 x 7, with minimal effort and investment.

  • Artists. Actors and actresses can promote their newest film. Writers can discuss their newest book. Musicians can present their newest album or promote their tours, addressing bigger audiences while maintaining a personalized experience.

  • Sportsmen can respond to their fans and the media.

  • Business leaders can present their company´s quarter results, their latest acquisition or new business ventures and products.

  • Social media influencers can promote their content.

Companies may be interested in creating profiles for some of their personnel, like support, executives or marketing, to enable them to enhance their interaction with customers, partners, or the media, making these 24 x 7 and impervious to fatigue or mistreatment.

Professionals may find benefits when looking for career opportunities, by creating and promoting avatars focused on their professional experience.

Meanwhile, chat users may obtain benefits in various ways:

  • Students getting access to historical or current characters easily.

  • Fans chatting with their idols.

  • Job recruiters and HR departments reaching out and vetting potential candidates.

  • Media getting access to public personalities. In this case, though, media must obtain permission to reproduce content from Version of me, as expressed in our Terms and Conditions.

Finally, the sky is open for further development of use cases by users, and Version of me will continue working with users to vet their ideas, and also to develop additional functionality to perfect the personal avatars and better serve customers.

Ignacio García-Carrillo, founder

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