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Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Welcome to Version of me, and welcome to my blog, where I will share news, thoughts and stories about us and the industry.

I will start with a story about how we came to be.

I remember watching "The Matrix" in awe, dazzled by the visuals, the darkness and the philosophical backdrop of the story. And above all, the richness and the presence of the universe that was created before our eyes.

Presence, that´s they key to reality and impact, I thought. Can I manifest myself into the internet further? Can I expand my reach? How far can we go in creating a thing like the Matrix? Are we doomed to create a violent dystopia? Or can we get it right?

It all began humbly for me. 14kbps modem, connecting to a BBS, early nineties. But you would feel like stepping into someone else´s home, and sneaking through their collection of games and music.

The next couple decades saw the explosion of the Internet, mail, news, chats, WWW, online gaming, smartphones and the app explosion. And I lived through those in the backend of the Internet, the telecommunications provider, working to support the backbone of the communication lifeline.

Now, part of my job was always understanding in detail the traffic implications of each solution and technology, as many times a new product, or even a new feature, could have a big impact on network usage. And so, I dedicated to test and run every single solution that came to market, to characterize their network behaviour, and above all, understand the potential for explosive bandwidth usage.

Through the last three years, though, maybe as a result of the Covid pandemic and the reduction in corporate travel, together with the simplification of software development, I had the opportunity to get deeper into a set of technologies, including chatbots, virtual reality and AI. I could do some software development and little deployments that I could run and test on family and friends.

Version of me is the result of many years of work in the technology industry, coming to fruition thanks to the take-off of Large Language Models like ChatGPT during the last year. Enabling human like interaction is one of the keys to achieving the illusion of presence for an avatar, and I believe we need avatars to expand human presence.

Please stay tuned for more content on my log, including our technology roadmap, my safety manifesto, and many great news.

Thank you, and please try our solutions.

Ignacio García-Carrillo, founder

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